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Independent A

Divenire Winter Guard joined the Southeastern Color Guard Circuit as an Independent A color guard in 2016. Performing their program, "Time Flies", Divenire competed locally and ended their season with a gold medal at SCGC Championships. In 2017, Divenire welcomed new members to the family and premiered their production, "Looking Back". Once again staying in SCGC, Divenire finished their season with another gold medal at championships. The following year was welcomed with new additions to the guard and marked our first year attending Winter Guard International. Performing their 2018 program, "Through Ember Eyes", Divenire completed their season as a WGI Regional Finalist and bronze medalist in circuit. Following their 2018 season, Divenire added members to their design team and began working hard for WGI Independent A Class Finals. Divenire ended their 2019 season as the WGI Atlanta and Mid-Atlantic Champion as well as earning a gold medal at SCGC championships. Divenire also made program history by finishing 6th in Winter Guard International Independent A Finals with their program, "Climbing". Divenire entered the 2020 season refreshed and presented their program, "To See the World". Although the season was cut short by COVID-19, the Divenire family made countless memories and made finals at the WGI Atlanta Regional. 2021 brought a series of challenges as we overcame a pandemic and pushed into a new layout for competing. "#TheStrongerTogetherProject" was a refreshing take on the color guard community and the strength that it takes to push through difficult times. We pushed the boundaries for including media and electronics in our show and ended the season as SCGC State Champions and WGI Virtual Finalists. Divenire's 2022 marked the first year going to WGI World Championships since 2019. "A New World" told the story of immigrants coming to America and Divenire made finals at the WGI Nashville Regional, Atlanta Regional, and WGI World Championships as well as winning Alabama State Championships and SCGC Championships.


With many years behind us and a lot of memories made, it is time for the next chapter. Join our mailing list to stay up to date and learn how you could be a part of  Divenire history! 

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